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A Day in the Life of a Celebrity Assistant

A Day in the Life of a Celebrity Assistant

As a celebrity assistant, there’s no telling what you might do from one day to the next. There will likely be many routine activities that won’t surprise you. There can also be a few tasks that will raise your eyebrows.
Some celebrities are known for being easy to work with, while others are challenging, to say the least. There is no typical day from one celebrity to the next.
Be certain to ask what the average day is expected to be like before taking a job as a celebrity assistant. The job might be right up your alley or the stuff of nightmares. Even when you get a detailed job description, there’s no predicting what each day will bring.
There are a variety of tasks you may be asked to perform as a celebrity assistant:
1. Screening correspondence. Your celebrity boss may receive an endless stream of emails, snail mail, tweets, phone calls, and other forms of communication. It might be your job to sift through it all and either reply to it yourself, toss it, ignore it, or hand it off to your boss.
● This may be a significant part of the job. After all, someone has to respond to all those requests for signed autographs.
2. Errands. You may be tasked with running a never-ending list of errands. It might be walking the dog, getting an oil change, picking up clothes from the cleaners, buying a gift for someone, grocery shopping, or making travel arrangements. Your time might be spent almost exclusively on errands, or maybe not.
3. Best friend. Since you’re always around, you can become the shoulder to cry on and the giver of wise advice. There will be times you might feel like a hired best friend, but that feeling doesn’t last for long. There’s always more work to do to remind you of the reality of the situation.
4. Keep the schedule. Many celebrities are creative types with little ability or interest in organization and promptness. It’s your job to keep the train on track and on schedule. Each celebrity is unique and will require your own special form of handling.
● Be determined and flexible in your approach.
5. Tasks that can only be described as surreal. You might be asked to do your boss’s child’s homework, run to the store for a beer at 3 am, run interference with a jilted lover, clip the dog’s nails, or film the birth of their child. The hours and tasks can be a bit odd when working with celebrities.
6. Social media. There are pictures to upload, announcements to make, and tweets to tweet. Someone has to do it.
● Considering the amount of damage some celebrities have done by handling this themselves, you might just be the right person for the job.
7. Travel. Most celebrities travel quite a bit. You’ll be finding the right flight, dealing with luggage, searching for restaurants, renting cars, and handling every little mishap that happens along the way.
8. Deal with contractors, repairmen, and the like. Have you ever loathed the fact that the cable repair technician promised to be there between 8 am and 2 pm? Rather than the celebrity waiting at home, this job might fall to you. New refrigerator being delivered? That might be your job, too.
It’s easy to see that your day might be quite mundane or filled with excitement. Celebrities have unique lives and consequently, your job will be unique, too. It’s impossible to predict what your average day will be like, but it’s safe to say that it will be unlike any job you’ve ever had, at least part of the time.

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